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mobile hosting & delivery
The key objectives considered when creating the system of the platform were maximum efficiency and simplicity of the management tools and new feature addition. From partner’s point of view preferences were mainly placed on smart and easy implementation/connection into our system and possible interface and content menu customisation in order to minimise the effort and adjustments required on the partner’s side.
Owing to that the delivery platform enables media businesses to exploit the full potential of wireless broadband by seamlessly delivering media-rich content to mobile phones for a truly on-the-go multimedia experience.
JAVA streaming
The streaming technology is based on Java. That is why the greatest advantage of the application is its capability to deliver live stream and off-line video stream to almost every Java-enabled handset. The revolutionary features make the application world-unique with unlimited commercial potential behind it. Other benefit of our streaming technology is the integration of 1to1 live video chat within the application. That live chat service can run over premium sms and bring other substantial income to the service provider. Our Java streaming solution breaks borders in respect of operator network too as it is literally network-independent. The live stream shall be conveyed to the end-user no matter what territory and network would be used.
delivery & hosting
click for larger...The platform automatically recognizes the type of incoming mobile phone. Thanks to this sophisticated feature the platform allocates the most suitable version (format) of the content to the particular handset. All the content is hosted on the platform. The interface implementation is based on http request and responses. Through our http gateway the partner/partner’s billing provider asks for the desired content. Such request has the form of a special text http link containing specific PIN and other parameters according to which we recognize the customer and the particular content the customer’s end user has ordered. Based on the http request a downloading link is generated and sent back to the partner. The partner delivers the link to the end user preferably as a wap push or a simple sms or in another manner. Afterwards when the end user navigates to our downloading platform with specific downloading link incl. the PIN, the platform verifies the link and once it has been identified the downloading process is allowed.